DIY: Bow Headband

12:56 PM

I whipped this up one day in my craft room.

You need:
Hot Glue Gun
Inexpensive headband from Walmart or Target
And some mad bow tying skills. Not really though. Anyone can tie a bow like this if you know how to tie your shoes!

Dab some hot glue onto the inside bottom of the headband and place your ribbon onto it.
Start wrapping the ribbon around the headband and add more glue as you go.

It will look like this when you are finished.
Now just tie a regular bow.
With the same amount of ribbon you used to make your first bow, cut another length of ribbon and lay it under the bow. The size of bow is all up to you!
Tie a knot around the bow like so. Basically you are tying another bow onto your bow.
Finish tying the bow. You have two bows together!
Trim the ribbon
Dab some hot glue onto the headband and attach the bow.



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  1. Very nice blog, excellent tutorials! I love that you are sisters. I lost my sister in 1976, and I miss her terribly. I love to hear of sisters who value each other. It warms my heart!

  2. This is adorable! and how simple too! I think i may make one for myself!