DIY: Stenciled Lace Patterned Ornaments

1:10 PM

Here's an idea for you; ornaments with a lace/eyelet pattern on it. Pretty!

You need:
Inexpensive bulbs from the dollar store
Scrap lace or eyelet fabric
A dab of hot glue
White spray paint
A bit of tulle to hang the ornament

Cut a rectangular piece of lace or eyelet that stretches around the center of the ornament

Dab a bit of hot glue onto the end of the fabric to connect the two fabric ends together and to hold it in place. Don't put the glue onto the ornament itself; just the fabric.

It will look like this.

String yarn through the top of the bulb to hold it easily while you spray paint.

Spray the bulb all around.

Finish it off with a bit of tulle strung through the top and tied in a bow.

This one was a glittery bulb that we painted. Beautiful.

Do you like our other ornaments we have on our tree? We have a pearl bulb tutorial, a snowy pinecone ornament tutorial, and a burlap and tulle garland tutorial.

Megan & Stephanie

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  1. ooohhh i have some lovely matte blue bulbs this would look awesome on

  2. These tutorials are amazing, THANK YOU!!!