DIY: Halloween Costumes Part 2

7:35 PM

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DIY: Halloween Costumes Part 2 (Money Bags)

Well, I guess it is my turn to showcase my kiddos and their Halloween costumes. This is actually just one of the two costumes that they will be wearing this year. They will NOT be wearing these on the actual day of Trick-or-Treating, but will wear them to a neighborhood/church Halloween party that we will be attending as a family, as well as a 5k race that my husband and I will be running on on Halloween weekend.

At this particular party and race my husband and I will be dressing in ALL BLACK and looking very much like this...

Therefore, it is only fitting that our children dress up as loot/bags of money. This will of coarse complete our ensemble....

right?! RIGHT!

In order to accomplish my goal of making my children into money bags I bought...
* 1/2 yard black fabric

Here is how I made them:

1. Made leg holes at the bottom of the pillow case for my son's legs to come through. I just unpicked the seam.  We love THIS seam ripper Dritz Deluxe!
2. Reinforce the leg holes with a strong stitch to prevent it from tearing any further.

3. Put pillowcase on son to see where the best place for arm holes would be.

4. Cut arm holes and reinforce with strong stitch.  Do you need a sewing machine?  Look no further than our favorite Brother Project Runway Sewing machine.  It will totally get the job done! 

For my baby girl I decided it would be easier to just measure a pair of her pajamas against the pillowcase to see where arm holes needed to go. (this was a lot easier than measuring a wiggly little baby for sure) I didn't make leg holes and decided that it would be best for her to stay in a sack to stay warm...

5. Use black fabric and heat-and-bond to create dollar sign. (Just read the directions on the packet of the heat-and-bond and hot iron to do this. This stuff is so cool!)

6. Make a head hole. I traced a bowl and cut out the circle.

7. Sew green tulle on the top, inside, back side of your pillowcase.

8. Hot glue fake money onto the green tulle

Get your rope ready to tie off the top.

10. Dress the kiddos up

(I think I might add some more money to little dudes costume.)

I just couldn't resist the $100 hair bow!

Now won't these little sacks of moolah look adorable being held by 2 mysterious persons in black this coming Halloween? I sure think so!

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  1. Megan, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Both Harrison and Clara look darling. You will have to post pictures of the whole fam dressed up!

  2. THAT IS SO CUTE! Ahhhhhh I am overwhelmed by the cuteness. The baby in the money bag is priceless!

  3. lol... No pun intended.

  4. I still can't get over how cute your little girl is. I'm incredibly jealous your costumes are done and I haven't even decided for sure what I am going to do for my little girl. Good job on this - super creative and very cute.

  5. So, so cute! I love this idea and the outfits. I think family outfits are just way too fun!

  6. THank you for the idea. I have been brainstorming of what to dress my 2month soon to be 3months by halloween up as. The baby is adorable. This is definitely simple to make and oh so adorable.

  7. Question: maybe i missed it bit how did you put your baby in her costume? Thru the bottom?