Sneak Peek of the Bed

1:23 PM

Here is a little something something that shows what we've been working on. Getting close to finishing!!!! I'm guessing it will be finished by the end of this week. Cross your fingers because I'm tired of my mattress being on the ground :)


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  1. YEAH!!!! I can't wait to see it finished!! Maybe i can talk Rick into making one! where did you get your plans?

  2. Thanks Erin! Dave just made the plans up. He has them all written out though if Rick wants to use them. This bed costs about $500 for all the material, way less expensive than the real thing and has way more storage.

  3. I Want one! Looks GREAT! Wish I had the tools!

  4. OH PLEASE!!!! post the is absolutely
    beautiful...i NEED one!

  5. Yes where are the plans! :) I would like to make one.

  6. Do you know how much the measurements would differ for a queen?

    1. It would be about 16" narrower and the length stays the same. Some ideas - you can eliminate the center console or reduce the size of both the drawers (depth) by 8". You would also have to reduce the size of the headboard and foot board by 16" also. We have had a lot of questions about a queen size so I think we will put together a post soon.