DIY: Easy and Tasty Homemade Pasta Sauce

12:58 PM

This homemade pasta recipe is better than anything I have bought from the store, and wow it's easy to make!

Here is a link to the recipe from You can just quickly print to off and add it to all your favorite recipes like I did :)

The recipe calls for meat, but since we are trying to be a little more healthy we left it out and it still tasted fabulous!! Hubby didn't even realize he was eating vegetarian. Now I just need to use whole wheat pasta.

I am about ready to make a whole bunch and bottle it for food storage, but for now I just put the leftovers in a freezer bag and froze it away.



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  1. Instead od whole wheat pasta you can use what is called Dream Fields Pasta. I can get it at Tom Thumb and kroger but you can buy it on Amazon. It taste like normal pasta but with only 5 digestable carbs.