DIY: Boy and Girl Nursery/Bedroom

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Well here is a little peek into the pretty much finished nursery. It isn't much but I really love it! Best of all it was very very budget friendly to do!The cubby/changing table can be found at Ikea HERE. I didn't want to spend $70 on it so I watched craig's list like crazy and finally found the very thing I wanted for only $35!! Patience pays off I tell you! The actually storage containers are also from Ikea. You can find them HERE.

Flower/Hair bow tutorial found HERE.

Above baby girl's bed I made some lovely fabric flowers. I got the idea HERE from a very creative friend of mine but made my flowers slightly different... I bought all the fabric for this project from Hankcock Fabrics in their "remnant pile" SUPER SUPER cheap. I think I spent a total of $3 for all the fabric. (DO YOU THINK I NEED TO ADD SOME MORE FLOWERS? I CAN'T DECIDE.)

The framed letter "C" was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $3 and I just couldn't pass it up! I also got a matching blue letter "H" for my son...

White curtains from Ikea found HERE. Brown blackout curtains found at Walmart. (THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ANY NURSERY!!!)
Baby girl bedding from Target!! Great price and it is just beautiful!! Go check it out HERE.
Instead of buying a dust ruffle for as much as all the bedding cost combined, I found this darling eyelet at the local thrift store for $2. It was meant for a twin sized bed. I simply double folded it and made it work for my crib. Only the long sides of my crib even allow for the dust ruffle to be seen so it worked out perfectly!

Oh and I bought my crib at a Garage Sale for next to nothing... it came with a matching dresser. I think I spent a grand total or $200 for this amazing solid wood sleigh crib and dresser that you will see shortly! (this is the same crib that my son used.)

My little boy is obsessed with all things mechanical aka trains, cars, planes, rockets, tractors, etc etc etc. To make his side of the room personalized I framed some old fashioned pictures that I found from coffee table books that I bought at the local thrift store. I just tore out the pictures I liked and framed them.

I bought the frames from the thrift store as well, for $1 a piece and then used this old tutorial of ours to make them matchy matchy. (I just used baby blue paint instead of white, but followed all the steps.)

The tutorial for the airplane mobile can be found HERE on our blog as well if you are interested.

The little bed is also can also be found at IKEA. I once again patiently watched Graig's List and until I found the same frame I wanted for a fraction of the price. I couldn't believe how lucky I got when I found it online for 1/3 of the IKEA price!

His bedding is also from Ikea found HERE.

Well, that is it. It is a tiny room for my two little ones! I am so glad to have it done. I think I will make a couple of throw pillows for my little boy's bed still and eventually mod podge the cubbies seen above with fabric. Until then, the wait for baby girl is on.

What do you think? Any suggestions to make it even better?

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  1. cute! I think I want to see that little kid table. Does it have metal on it to play with magnet toys??

  2. It is so cute Megan, you did a great job! We just put our two kids in the same room so I am working on some boy and girl decorating, thanks for the ideas!