DIY: Portions in the freezer

3:01 PM

I am betting that most people in the world do this, and if you don't already do this, you will probably say, "Why haven't I done that?"

My mom saw me do this one day and said I should share, so here we go.

Since my brain is wired in a weird way that is constantly searching for ways to save time and money, I figured I would save on my freezer bags. I used to portion my meat out and put it in it's very own ziploc bag until I discovered that I could fit two portions in one ziploc bag. My family is small so this works for me.

Just put the meat in the bag and squeeze all the air out. Karate chop down the center, dividing the meat, and you have two portions in one ziploc. Wala!

I like to fold mine like this so that the portions stay separated and it fits better in my freezer.

You can do this with other food too. Leftovers, veggies, and whatnot.


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  1. You can also begin to freeze food on a baking sheet and then transfer it all to the same ziploc bag. I especially like doing this with homemade rolls, before they're baked. Do all the work just once, then eat fresh baked rolls whenever you want.

  2. Sharon, I think I love you. Megan and Stephanie, I already love you!!

  3. how funny! I just did this very thing this week with my home made veggie soup! two ladles and zip...two ladles and zip. Perfect for me for lunch.