DIY: Framed Hair Bow/Flower Organizer For Little Girl

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DIY: Framed Hair Bow/Flower Organizer For Little Girl

I saw the original idea here and here for this hair bow organizer! I loved the idea, and decided to make it my own with a few little extras!!

1. Go to local thrift store and get an ugly frame with great potential. The frame I bought was a hideous gold color, but I loved the design behind the ugliness. (sorry for the lack of before picture... I totally forgot to take one, and only remembered to when it was already blue. Thank you pregnancy brain!!)

2. Get some ribbon, string, lace, etc. Whatever your heart desires.

3. Find a fabric that you love to make a decorative backing. Lace would be lovely. I found this little embroidered number at a local thrift store months ago. It was $.50. I had no idea what I was going to do with it originally but knew that I would use it for something! So glad I picked it up that day so long ago!4. Prime your frame with spray paint primer.
Spray paint frame desired color
Spray paint frame desired color
Let Dry
(So basically two coats)

5. Get your hot glue gun nice and hot.

6. Measure where you want your lace, string, or ribbon so that it is spaced evenly and hot glue into place.
It is super cute without the backing, but the walls in the kiddos' room are white and I wanted it to pop a little more. Plus I really wanted to use my awesome thrift store find to make it extra pretty!

7. Hot glue the edges of your fabric evenly in the frame.

8. Hang bow/flowers. (I know her hair bow collection is sparse. Making hair accessories is next on the list of DIY to do!!)
I kind of really like it! I am ALMOST done with the kids' nursery. I can't wait to make the grand reveal.

Things to still do:
Mod Podge Blue and White french toile on old cubbies for son's toy storage
Create flower hangings for daughter's wall
Letter wall hangings for above her crib and his big boy bed
Throw pillows

That is all! I am so close! YAY!

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  1. Great idea. Any thoughts on how to organize headbands? We've made one or two organizers, but nothing has worked as well as we'd hoped.

  2. How stinking cute is that?! I can't wait to make this for my little girl!

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