DIY: Reupholster That Ugly Office Chair

10:33 PM

This is the easiest thing to do!

1. Get an ugly office chair that needs some serious help.

2. Find a fabric you love to cover the ugliness. (For this chair I found this fabric at the local Walmart. It is heavy duty fabric specifically meant for home decor. I bought three yards to cover all my bases and ended up with extra.)

3. Take the ugly chair apart! Unscrew EVERY screw you see. Keep your screws in a safe place.

4. After taking the entire chair apart I was left with three pieces that needed to be covered. Just like how I Reupholstered my kitchen chairs I got my staple gun out and went crazy. Click "HERE" to see how I covered my kitchen chairs. Use this same concept to cover the ugliness of the office chair.

5. After covering all of the office chair pieces with your favorite fabric put your chair back together again. Make sure to replace all the screws.

6. After I put my chair back together I decided to add a little piping along the side. For this you need the following:

* Piping (found some at my local Walmart.. love that store! They sell it in the craft section by the yard or in a bag. I bought the bag for good measure.)
* A long piece of matching fabric to cover the piping

* Your sewing machine to sew the fabric on the piping
* A hot glue gun to set the piping in place

That pretty much sums that up.
Here is a close up of how great the piping looks.

Your chair is FINISHED!!!

Good Luck!! If you have any question about ANYTHING just ask!! I will be more than happy to assist you in making your ugly office chair look AMAZING!


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  1. Umm, yes please! I need to do this to a couple of ugly office chairs! Love it!

  2. This is perfect, my office chair has ripped and is so ugly. I was going to throw it out. I don't fully understand how the piping works... But-- I think I will go buy my fabric today and get started this weekend!

    But yep- my chair already has piping, what would you do about that? How did you do piping n the outside? Smart woman!

  3. If your chair already has piping try taking it completely off! What ever you cover you won't see, so it really doesn't matter if your destroy the chair underneath.

    The back of my chair was a seperate piece than the front. When I put the chair back together the back piece and the front big cushion piece gave me the chance to do the piping. I just stuck the piping in between the two pieces and tada! The glue stick became my best friend while I added the piping!

  4. Very cute Megan. You make it sound so easy!

  5. That's looking great! Try to check for adjustble chair. It provides comfort and function to your home office. It's also great for holding postures.

  6. Amazing! I love this! I have included this in my blog post today and linked it back to here. Please come by:-)
    Thank you for the inspiration!!

  7. Thanks for this!
    How long did it take to do one chair?

  8. Awesome! I'm afraid to start since it's my first reupholstering project, but you've inspired me to just jump right in there!

  9. I need help in figuring out how to attach the back covered piece of the chair back to the chair back itself. This is not the part your back will rest on, but the part that people will see if walking up behind you while you are seated. I can cover the back piece, but then don't know how to reattach it. The piece had a few "nails" coming out of it to attach it to the chair back, but I don't know how I will get new nails under the fabric as I recover it. The edges of the fabric are stapled to the inside part of this piece also, so I don't know which comes first. Either way the 2nd part seems impossible. Does this question make sense? If you can help me understand how you did this part, I would appreciate it!