DIY: Pearl Ornament

Pearl Bulb Ornament

Check out my new jeweled ornament HERE...

You need:
Inexpensive bulbs from the dollar store
Many many pearls and other crystal beads if you desire
(I used pearls from a couple of broken necklaces that I had. Use about 70 pearls to cover one bulb.)
Hot glue gun
Tulle to string through the top

Step 1: Start from the top of the bulb and glue pearls of various sizes onto the bulb. Work your way down.

Step 2: String a bit of tulle through the top of the ornament and tie it in a bow. Hang on the tree.

Megan & Stephanie


  1. pretty, feminine, classy, Victorian, retro, elegant!!! a full gamut ornament....luv it!!!

  2. This is SO Darling I love it. Brilliant you girls are awesome.. I love DIYers like you!
    Lindsay @ Country Girl Home

  3. love the pearly look! where did you buy the pearls? i've looked at several stores but haven't found any similar to yours.

  4. @ Laura - I actually used pearls from some old broken necklaces and bracelets that I had. I also got a lot of the beige colored pearls from Micheal's Craft. Hope this helps! :)

  5. Thanks for the inspiration! I made my own version - made 18 of these for under $20...http://everythingelsewastakeneventhis.blogspot.com/

  6. Thanks for the great idea. I enjoyed making one. http://slowdownsunday.org/2012/09/15/now-thats-pinteresting-pearl-ornament/

  7. Totally awesome & my favorite part is that they are simple to do!!! Great job! :)

  8. Great directions! So simple, yet elegant.

  9. OMG!!!! I have my grandmas pearls and beads. She is gone now but what a way to honer her at Christmas as I miss her dearly. TY

  10. Great idea for Christmas presents for those who have everything. Thank you for the idea