List of Screen Free Road Trip Ideas and Activities

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We tested these screen free road trip ideas on our last vacation to Arches National Park in Moab Utah and they were so wonderful! Believe it or not, we didn't have complaining kids along the way and we felt better not having our kids glued to a screen for hours. Thank you AutoSource for letting us take this beautiful car to Moab! You get more safety and luxury at a lower price when you buy from AutoSource.

The key screen free travel is to keep their hands busy, which in turn keeps their minds busy.

1. Cross stitch for kids. We found some cute patterns on amazon here and here.
cross stitch

2. Drawing Class Books: We found this great book on amazon. Boogie boards are great to keep supplies down.
drawing class book

3. Lego Suitcase: These contained all the pieces along the bumpy roads. These lego kits kept the boys happily entertained for hours!
lego brief case container for car

We brought Lego Brickheadz along too!

4. Physical Group Games: I Spy Vehicles, Bingo On The Road, Scavenger Hunt for Kids,

5. Bracelet making

6. Verbal Group Games for the car: I Spy, 2 Truths and a Lie, License Plate Game, Alphabet Game, 20 Questions.

7. Audio Books: We love using Audible and they even have a list of books specifically for road trips with kids. Our favorite kids books that are also good for parents are Harry Potter, Charlotte's Web, Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, The Giver, Wonder.

I hear Spotify has a kids story section too which is pretty cool.

8. Podcasts: We would occasionally stop the podcasts and ask the kids questions about what they learned. We had some great conversations on our journey. Be sure to download them in case you loose reception like we did!

  • Wow in the World (our favorite). 
  • Peace Out (perfect podcast to help the kids fall asleep in the hotel).
  • Brains On
  • But Why
  • Story Pirates
  • Short and Curly 
best podcasts for kids

list of the best podcasts for kids in the car

We made it to our destination. Look at the incredible Balanced Rock! We want to thank our Sponsor AutoSource for getting us there safely and comfortably.

moab utah

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