The Best Christmas Eve Traditions

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A special thanks to our sponsors Auto Source and Christmas In Color.  Thank you for making this post possible!  Because we love our readers we want to give the gift of Christmas in Color to you!  If you are a Utah local you can get a discount by entering the code: Divasincolor  
Merry Christmas!  

We are so excited to share our favorite family Christmas Eve Traditions with you today.
With all the excitement of Santa coming down the chimney, we have found it best to wear the kids out, until they have no choice but to fall asleep as soon as their noggins hit their pillows.   

Nestled under the tree on the morning of Christmas eve, a gift awaits them.

The gift not only has a fresh set of Christmas Jammies for each child, but also several clues that will lead to the adventures of the day.

By now my children know what to expect within the box, but the excitement of opening it each year never ceases.

Goggles are always a favorite to find.  

There are a few local pools in our area that stay open on Christmas eve.  What better way to ensure visions of sugar plums, than to have the children swim their little hearts out.   

Knowing that we will be in our car for the better part of the evening looking for the best light show in town, aka Christmas in Color, Gel Clings are the perfect thing to give the kiddos.  They love to decorate the inside of the car windows where they sit.  My kids LOVE these things, and they are so easy to remove.  I found mine at my local Target in the dollar section.

Some sort of Christmas scent for the car ride is a must.  I found this one at Bath and Body Works, but even simply putting a satchel of cinnamon sticks or peppermint oil on a cotton ball would fill your car with the scent of Christmas.

A coupon for a hot chocolate is always a delicious choice and will warm up your little darlings after a few hours at the pool.

And finally, for those families without a fireplace... don't forget to pack Santa's Magical Key.  This key is pretty darn incredible and if hung on the doorknob of your front door on Christmas Eve, Santa will surely be able to get into your home and taste the yummy cookies you leave him.

As the day winds down, tell those kiddos to get those Christmas Jammies on and pile up in the car to see Christmas lights.

My kids insisted on bringing blankets galore to get extra cozy.

After experiencing Christmas in Color for the first time last year with my family, I can't help but share how truly incredible it is. 

Coming here is truly magical in every sense of the word.  

Check out this video, and see for yourself how incredibly magical it is.

Don't forget about our discount code, Divasincolor, so that you and your family can drive through this amazing light show. 

We hope these tips are the perfect thing to ensure your littles are sound asleep by the time Santa arrives.

Merry Merry Christmas.

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