8 Beautiful DIY Christmas Tree Skirts

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Not going to lie, every year when it comes time to put up our Christmas tree we can NEVER remember where we put the skirt that goes under it! Sometimes it is even weeks before we are able to find it and put it on the tree to cover its nakedness. We have even used an actual skirt from my closet as a replacement some years. Let me just tell you, it can cause some serious body image issues when you see that your favorite holiday skirt looks better on a tree than it does on you, ya know what I'm sayin'? So I have rounded up some of the prettiest and easiest DIY tree skirts out there, just for you! Ya know, in case you ever find yourself in the same situation as I have and you don't want to ruin your skirt with tree sap (#beentheredonethat).

Sew easy and SEW darling, you guys. Source

This blogger made her skirt out of a set of old bedsheets. How cool is that?! See how she did it here.

I love the trim on this one, I also think it would be great with a different color trim, what do you think? Source

Did someone say no-sew?! That's what I like to hear. This faux fur is so tasteful and will take hardly any time to make. find our tutorial here

The contrast of this red skirt against the green tree will look absolutely stunning and perfectly festive, and the darling details on this? To die for. Source

Okaaaaaaaay, am I the only one who kind of wants to get married in this tree skirt?! So beautiful--check it out! Source

Another no-sew?! Oh by-gosh-by-golly, it really does feel like Christmas! Source

I don't know what kind of magician of a woman has time to make something like this, but if you do? Please make it! Sew Crochet amazing...? Darn. That pun doesn't work as well for this one ;) Source

Hope you pretty ladies have a very merry Christmas, and that your tree's skirt is pretty--but not as pretty as yours ;)


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