DIY Burlap and Lace Farmhouse Tree Skirt

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farmhouse tree skirt, shabby chic, rustic
A perfect blend of lace, burlap and muslin come together to create this one-of-a-kind farmhouse Christmas tree skirt.

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farmhouse tree skirt, shabby chic, rustic, ribbon

Watch the video tutorial here!

Supply List: *3 yards of burlap *3 yards of muslin * 3 yards of thrifted lace table cloths or curtains (approx. 3-4 table cloths) * Ribbon *DIY Mod Podge
Make a perfect circle base: *Using one yard of fabric, create your base. Remember in 9th grade when you used a compass to draw a perfect circle? We used the same concept, using a string and pencil. * For this tree skirt, the circumference of your base should be 36". This means the radius is 18". Make Layered Ruffles * There will be 7-8 rows of ruffles depending on the width of the plate you used for the center. * In order to determine the length of each ruffle we used the geometric formula, ((2 x radius) x 3.14)2 * Here are the measurements for each row starting from the outer most edge of the base: Row 1 - 226 inches Row 2 - 194 inches Row 3 - 169 inches Row 4 - 144 inches Row 5 - 119 inches Row 6 - 94 inches Row 7 - 69 inches Row 8 - 43 inches * Each row is 8 inches wide. We hope you enjoy your beautiful tree skirt this holiday season!

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