9 Creative Last Minute Costume Ideas

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So you, along with the 85% of the adult population, waited until the day of to prepare your Halloween costume?! Don't stress. You can still kill it. We have rounded up the best last minute costumes the internet has ever seen.

1.  Quick and easy. We just do not recommend you hand our lemons to your tick-or treaters...if you do, your home just might get egged...and then the theoretical lemons start to come.

2. So you don't "wind-up" being the only one at the party that isn't dressed up....tutorial found here 

3. I scream, you scream...yada yada yada. This last minute do it yourself costume by Studio DIY isn't anything too fancy, but it really tickles my fancy....because I really fancy ice cream. 

4. Oh deer, would you look at the time? You've really got to get your act together if you want an Instagram-worthy costume this year. Check out our tutorial. We even have a caption for your post picked out for you: "Dat last minute costume, doe." You're welcome. ;) 

5. I don't know if there is any woman in the world who has ever not dreamed of being Audrey Hepburn. S/o to Halloween for at least giving us the chance to pretend to be this Fair Lady ;) Source

6. Since the 70's are in again (#YAAAAAAS) here is an easy last minute costume that will allow you to utilize clothing you probably already have in your closet....but also, when dressing as a hippie, please also utilize deodorant, your costume doesn't need to be that precise. ;)

7.   It's no ones salt but you're own that you waited until now to decide what to be for Halloween, but this costume is bound to give you Morton compliments than anyone else, which will definitely help you grain the confidence you need to pull off that "last minute" look. 

8. Yet another fantastic costume. Source

9. Aaaaaaaaaand you just can't go wrong with a classic. So no more stressing about your costume, because "We You Can Do It!" ;) Source

Hope this was helpful, loves! Can't wait to see all of your last minute costumes, and Happy Halloween! 

           The DIY Divas 

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