10 Greatest DIY Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas

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funny halloween costume ideas for baby bump

Halloween is a great time of year to show you're creativity...but if you are like many expecting mothers, you don't always have the time or the energy to be creative, am I right? So we rounded up some of the best and easy DIY costume ideas for all you pregnant pretties out there. All you'll have to worry about is if there will be an unoccupied restroom and nonalcoholic beverages at that party you'll be attending ;)

Let's start with some basics, there will forever be those classic halloween costumes that you will see every year (Cinderella, Princess Leia, Red Riding Hood, etc.) well, how about putting a new spin on those? Turning those "unoriginals" into "a-little-more-originals"

1. For example: this Charlie Brown and Snoopy idea, thought up by Mama Huang , is as adorable as  
it is simple. Making it a great last minute costume, as well.

2. Also, Ghostbusters, we see those adorable littles dressed up as them each year, do we not? This adaptation found on Miss Mum is so clever, yet we know you're probably thinking "Why didn't I think of that?!" Fortunately for you the "Pregnancy brain" excuse is actually very valid.

3.  And of course there is Star Wars, nothing can beat the classics, right? Unless you make the classic just a little less predictable. This costume posted by @jmsmith7, is sure to turn heads and on a scale of 1-10, this costume will at least BB an 8 ;)

 However, if you are going for a "less classic" and "more eccentric" look, we want to make sure you are covered! (Literally...if you know what I'm sayin', not Beyonce pregnancy costumes to see here, ladies)

4. Now, we all know there is nothing in the world that compares to carrying your baby for those special nine months, but, let's be real, sometimes pregnancy is just the pits? Am I right, or am I right? And we just can't get over how well @firsttimemommaa did at portraying that!

5. We all know about how Bob Ross feels about his "happy trees", so we say, why not be one? You are going to have a baby, after all! So the happy part should come pretty easy, and as for the tree part...that should come pretty easy, too! This clever but simple costume created by Jamie Dorobek truly is a work of art! 

Halloween can be especially tricky when you have to design and make multiple costumes for multiple family members. But guuuuuurl, we got you! No need to stress, cute and quick costumes ahead:

6. Wouldn't it bee great if your costume was not only adorable, but also comfortable? (I'm looking at you 3rd trimester-ers;) Also, if you already have some little honeys of your own, don't stress! Here we have a tutorial for these darling and effortless costumes! 

7. We know what all you pregnant women out there are thinking, because we're thinking it, too (even though we aren't pregnant...). FOOD! And this just looks too delicious  cute, to pass up! Not to mention very simple...or should we say, over-easy? ;) via. themodernhome.com 


8. We just Willy Willy love this next one! If you want to take home an award for "Best Costume" this is the Golden Ticket, right here! Found via Pinterest 

9. Looking for a costume you absolutely cannot Sully? Look no further! Though this Boo might not make anyone scream, we think it's a win for sure! Tutorial found here

10. And last but not least, the spider and the fly!

Hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween, and that your kids won't catch you sneaking their candy ;)


The Do It Yourself Divas 

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