Useful Christmas Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for the Whole Family

11:20 AM

This is our families actual christmas list, and now it's your ultimate guide to Christmas shopping this year! As a wife and mom of 4 little ones, I know that I need to prepare early for Christmas day. You may notice that we tend to give our kids 'useful' gifts - things that will be used a lot, but that are also fun. We keep it really practical around here. We aren't big fans of forgotten toys from Christmas past. 

I have broken this post down into sections: Section 1 will cover stocking stuffers by age and gender and section 2 will cover gifts for under the tree by age and gender. Although this list is specific to my family, there's something for everyone on this list!

*Tip. If there are multiples of the same item shipped (example: 5 washcloths or 4 Pez), I divide them up between the family, or stash them away for use later.

1. Stocking Stuffers by Age and Gender:

2. Gifts For Under The Tree by Age and Gender: I would love to hear what kind of useful gifts you buy for your family for Christmas. Leave a comment below!

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