DIY Eleven Costume From Stranger Things

7:26 AM

I'll show you how to look exactly like Eleven from Stranger Things for Halloween! So wipe off that grin, and let's get started. 

Seriously though... you have to stop smiling and act very serious if you are going to be Eleven. That's step number one - be serious. 
-At the end of this post there is a link for DIY Barb's Costume- Hallelujah! 

Use Revlon Dark Purple Lipstick (because that's what I had on hand) or Fake Blood for the nose bleeds. All that "saving the day brain power" causes a slight bloody nose, and it definitely adds to the overall creepy affect.

 Wear a light pink knee length dress with a high neckline & white collar. You could just wear a collard shirt under the dress if you don't want to buy a single collar.

Knee High Striped Socks & White Converse Shoes. Eleven's socks had green and yellow stripes. My socks came with an extra red stripe, so I just folded the yellow stripe over the red at times. But really, if the red shows, no big deal.

Black Watch

Blue Bomber Jacket. This jacket is pretty inexpensive, and I have found myself wearing it almost everyday so far this season. Seriously.... ;)

Eleven wears a very blonde, medium length wig. This is actually my own hair glistening in the sunlight, but you can purchase a wig if you need. Style it with a few loose curls.

Eleven loves Eggos, so be sure and grab some to complete your look!

And try not to be too creepy as you shop.

Meg and I had so much fun coming up with these costumes for Halloween and sharing them with you. Be sure to check out Meg as Barb - I died laughing every time I looked at her! It was so hard to keep a straight face.

Click here to see how to get the Barb look


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