DIY Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton Halloween Costumes

2:54 PM

Haha! Meg and I literally laugh out loud every time we look at this photo! If you need a last minute costume idea for halloween, look no further than your closet - or your husbands. 

Here's what you need to look like Hilary Clinton:

1. Any kind of women's pant suit works best. 
2. Add some classy jewelry like pearls and don't forget the lipstick. 
3. Pull your hair back with bobby pins to make it appear like you have short hair with side bangs. 
4. Add a little bit of crazy eyes and you're ready to campaign! 

Here's what you need to look like Donal Trump for Halloween:

1. Grab a mens suit coat and pair it with a white collard shirt and red tie.
2. Add a little bit of a squinty, pouty face, and make that "okay" signature hand move and you will be looking like Donald Trump in no time.
3. Make your hair look like Donald Trump. If you have long hair like Meg, slick it back into a low pony tail, flip the ends of your hair over the top of your head, pin it in place and slick it over your forehead. It is a combover after all... Hairspray and you're done!
4. Talk about building a wall, and no one will second guess who you are ;)

What do you think, did we nail this look? Don't forget to go out and VOTE!

-Meg and Steph

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