DIY Garden Party - Friend Party vs Family Party

8:37 AM

We had 2 lovely parties for our birthday girl! Now, usually my kids don't get 2 parties, but in our family, I let them go bigger on their 5th and 8th birthdays. So we decided to have a friend party and a family party to celebrate our lovely girl. So let's get the party started!

We had a lot of help from GlamLoveParties to make our party a reality. She made us gorgeous custom garland, straws, confetti, and flower crowns

We love a little DIY around here, so GlamLoveParties provided our party goers with all the supplies to create their very own flower crowns. It was a great activity for the girls at the garden party, and oh so cute!

We enjoyed wonderful gifts from sweet friends.

And of course, what's a garden party without a flower piñata?!

The girls enjoyed a little picnic. They especially loved the mini forks and colorful straws. They felt so special!


We ended the party with a classic game of Red Rover as we waited for parents to arrive. 

And then the family party. This party was a lot more relaxed. We brought the decor inside, added some balloons and a pretty cake, sang happy birthday, and opened gifts. 

Everything was perfect! We could not have had a more beautiful day. Thank you GlamLoveParties for the beautiful decor. It was better than I could have hoped for! 

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