Baby Boys' First Birthday Parties with Glam Love Parties

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Once upon a time, a little more than year ago, Steph and I were very much pregnant.  We were both expecting baby boys, and we both had the same exact due date.  You can't plan that!  We joke that our boys are "twins", destined to be best-friend-cousins for life.

They were, of coarse, born on different days, cuz you can't plan that either.

We just had the BEST time celebrating our little one year olds.  There is nothing, NOTHING, better than family.  These little people are what life is all about.

We first celebrated Sweet William, the elder of the two.

Can you even handle that face? 

I put this adorable tassle garland above his bed to decorate for his big day.  Adding a couple of balloons inside his crib was the icing on the cake.

Less than two weeks later it was time to celebrate Leo Love.  

We couldn't help but celebrate the twins' first year with a little cake smash.

This picture is my favorite thing.  It shows their different personalities so perfectly.  Leo:  energetic, smiley, and adventurous.  William:  cautious, timid, and and bit serious.
Kind of hilarious!

Thanks to Glam Love Parties for making our "twin" boys special days, just that much more perfect.  If you have a birthday in your future, so basically if you are alive and are human, you HAVE to check out the amazing things that Sasha from Glam Love Parties has to offer.  She is the sweetest person and is incredible at helping plan for and decorate parties.  

-Meg and Steph

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  1. What a sweet little party! Thank you gals! The boys had a blast! Awesome!

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