Spring Outfit Colors for Family Photos

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Sunday, our entire family decided to get together and make some memories.  We had our family pictures taken.  As mothers, we of course had to bring all the essentials for baby and children, along for the ride.  Thanks to our new Fawn Diaper Bags we were able to pack all the necessities for the littles and a few treats to bribe the big kids.  

Ok, and can we just take a minute to say how versatile these bags are?  I mean, they look amazing with the everyday jeans and t-shirt mom ensemble, but man alive, you can rock them with your best dress any day.  They are simply gorgeous. 

                                          {Black and Brown Fawn Design Diaper Bags}

When trying to decide what we wanted to wear for these family pictures we really wanted to look nice and put together, but not too matchy matchy. We also didn't want everyone to have to go out and buy new clothes for this photo shoot. In the end, we think we have figured out how to dress a large family for a photo shoot.

The colors we thought looked amazing together were light pink, light blue, navy blue, and white. We told everyone they could choose any of these colors for their shirts and dresses, and the men could accents with khaki or gray pants. We kept all the shoes neutral colors with nude, gold, black, gray, or brown.

Here's a close up of our little families.

Meg's Family:  Light pink dress, white dress for little girl, baby poplin onesie, light blue shirts for all the boys, brown pants and brown shoes for all, including the baby mocks. (All outfits were purchased from Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap and Uptown Cheapskate.)

Steph's Family: Light pink dress with nude heels. Boys in light blue or navy shirts with gray and khaki pants. Black and gray shoes for the boys including adorable gray moccs for the baby. Girls in white or light blue dresses with gold sandals. (Everything was purchased from Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy)

Choosing a color like pink for the women allowed for our men (and ourselves) to accent with either brown or black nicely. 

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  1. love these color schemes! That long sleeved maxi dress is amazing Megean!