Shea Mommy Natural Body Products - Plus Giveaway

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Hi sweet friends!  You all know how much we love a good DIY project,  and we LOVE finding mamas out there who share our same passion.  Today we have teamed up with the fabulous Melissa from Shea Mommy Shop.  Keep on scrolling to learn about her amazing products and enter the giveaway worth nearly $70!

Melissa is passionate about reducing toxic chemical exposure and started making her own body and baby products when her son was born two years ago.  Toxins from conventional cosmetics and body care can build up in the body and become endocrine disruptors or carcinogens.  Shea Mommy products will never contain petroleum products, synthetic fragrance, or preservatives.  They are always made with all natural and organic ingredients.

We were so incredibly excited to put these products to the test with our "twins".  (Steph and I gave birth to these little boys nearly 10 months ago only 2 weeks apart.  They are destined to be best friends for life!)

After taking an amazing dip in the tub with Melissa's Baby oat Bath, both of our boys had the softest skin.  To top off their baths we used the incredible 100% organic Relaxed Baby Massage oil.  Infused with lavender, calendula, and chamoille it is wonderful for relaxation and perfect to use right before bedtime.

These products are truly amazing.  They are the icing on the cake to the mother baby bonding time that is so special.  

Another product that I just have to rave about is the Butter Baby Skin Balm.

It has really been so wonderful for my little guys skin.  He tends to get dry patches very easily with certain baby products, but not with this amazing balm.  Thank you Melissa for these incredible products!

And now a giveaway just for you!!!!  An amazing gift from Melissa that is worth nearly $70. In the gift set you will find, Owie Ointment, Buttered Baby, Diaper Cream (zinc free or cloth safe), Massage Oil, and Baby Bath Oats.   It is so simple to enter.  All you have to do is become friends with both Melissa and us on Instagram.  As easy as that.  We can't wait to be friends and we can't wait for you to experience these great products! The winner to the giveaway will be announced on Thursday, April 14th.

Head on over to our instagram for all the details to the incredible giveaway!!

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