My Easter Dress by Clad and Cloth

12:35 AM

Hi friends! 

OK, here is a little bit of honesty.  Lately, I have been a little hard on myself.  I had my third baby 9 months ago, and have just felt like I was in a rut, and little bit uncomfortable in my own skin.  Can anyone out there relate?  Blah!  It is so silly, and lame, and real.   

When I discovered this purple beauty, from the cutest little shop online, called Clad and Cloth,  I thought that it was gorgeous, and had hopes that I would feel pretty with it on.  I added it to my "shopping cart" right away.

Can I just tell you how beautiful this dress makes me feel.  It is flowy, and delicate and just the perfect dress for spring.   I love when clothes can make you feel confident and lovely all at once. 

It will be my Easter Dress this year.   

Now about those bad thoughts I have been having about myself...  Here is a quote I found that made me laugh and clap my hands, and say, "AMEN'!

After telling my thoughts to go to hell, I put on some red lipstick, my new dress and a big smile.  I feel pretty darn good now.

Since this dress is amazing,  I asked my sister if she could take some pictures of my daughter and me.  I don't really have any with just the two of us, and I thought it would be fun to dress up and get a few shots that I could treasure forever.

My little Bestie is wearing her Easter dress from last year, found at Target.  

And of course we both found our favorite accessory of the season to pull our outfits together perfectly.  I with my Lily Jade Meggan bag and Clara with her Easter Basket.

Oh these pictures are my favorite thing!  I really will treasure them forever!

Thanks so much Steph!

Here's to feeling strong, confident and beautiful, and telling those negative thoughts to go to hell and to stay there.  Here's to dressing up, and making your sister take pictures of you by a big silo when the light is just perfect.  haha 

I want nothing more than to have my daughter grow up to be happy, strong and confident. I want her to know she is beautiful inside and out! I know it starts with me.  If I can be an example of positivity, that light will shine on her.  I am a work in progress on this one, but I am determined to to be that light.


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  1. There's nothing like a mommy & me photo session! So cute. Love the dress. Floral is one of my favorite prints.