DIY Wrap Dress Alteration - Plunging Neckline

12:23 PM

Wrap dresses can be adorable and comfortable to wear, but often I feel like they may come untied, reveling way too much! Anyone else feel the same way? 

While shopping I scored this dress for $19 at Ann Taylor, and perhaps it was on clearance for a good reason. I knew that the neckline plunged way too far down, and I knew I had that fear of becoming untied and revealing way way too much. Yet I wanted the comfort that this dress offered, (I mean, its practically like wearing a robe!) and it was such a good deal I had to make the purchase, knowing full well I would need to make some slight adjustments to fix the problem area and keep the dress closed.

That's where the handy Hook and Eye Clasp comes into play. I simply hand stitched the hook and eye where I wanted it. I didn't even have thread showing on the front of the dress because this dress was two layers thick, and I carefully stitched the hook and eye to the underneath layer.

Now I can wear this dress worry free!


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