Lily Jade Diaper Bags: A Must for a Day Out

12:23 AM

OK friends, raise your hand if it is freezing cold where you live!  Is it too early to have Spring Fever?  We'll just say, sometimes, when it's really really cold outside and you have been cooped up far too long, and you feel like you might loose your mind, it is an absolute must to pack up all the little people and get out... and get out fast!  Getting out of the house does a mommy good.  Can I hear an amen?!

{This photo made possible by the amazing selfie stick :) }

Going to the library this week was literally a lifesaver.  The children played with puppets, and trains and read books.  The babies feel asleep while Steph and I chatted and laughed... because laughing is a given when we get together, even if we are in a library.  Don't worry, we laughed quietly.

  I can honestly say that this outing was made possible by none other than our AMAZING Lily Jade Diaper Bags.  We can't leave our houses without these bags.  We packed all of our babies' essentials up, and still had room to bring some library books home.  Such incredible, versatile, gorgeous bags.  

By the way, I am kinda loving wearing my Meggan in Brandy cross body as of late. 

I will have to say, snuggling up with this little nugget before he dozed off was the highlight of our outing.   I mean, look at that face!    

Just check out how roomie my beautiful Meggan in Brandy is.  21 pockets of leather perfection.  

Next stop, we had to end our fun play date at the DARLING and oh so DELICIOUS Cravings Cupcake shop.  Their "Better than What" Cupcake is the bomb dot com.  If you are ever in Utah, look them up!  You will not be disappointed, and you probably won't want to share it either...  

Steph's favorite bag, the Shaylee in Brandy, is gorgeous!  Doesn't it fit her teeny 5'2" frame perfectly? 

We seriously had the best time together.  The children were happy to be out playing with their best friends/cousins too.  

Thank you Lily Jade for making it possible for mommas, like us, to get the kids out of the house, with everything and more packed away beautifully.

(I can't even handle how cute this baby is!!!  Steph makes them adorable, that's for sure!)

What are your favorite things to do when it freezing in your neck of the woods??  We would love to hear what some of your go to outings are when Spring Fever hits!

Much love,

-Meg and Steph

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