DIY Divas Favs With Loved By Hannah and Eli

4:31 PM

Today we are talking about our favorite things from the cutest little shop Loved By Hannah and Eli. We went crazy over this adorable Sleepy Bear Infant Gown! It's one of those - I just have to have it - items!

  Even the back is cute!

Next up is the Mama Bear Bar Necklace.

I love how this necklace adds the perfect touch to any outfit.
Sweater is from my best friend - Target, hehe!

And finally, our favorite sweatshirt in the entire world!! We could wear it every day - and maybe,  just maybe we do..... The Mama Bear Fleece Sweatshirt! Words can not express our love for this! It's soft and cozy on the inside, the fit is just right, the colors are spot on, and the font and statement says it all.

And look at Meg's little baby bear!

 Sending much love to all of you!

-Steph & Meg

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