DIY Grilled Pizza

12:10 AM

Before you pack up that BBQ grill for the winter, you HAVE to make this easy and delicious grilled pizza.

All you need is:

1.  Your favorite pizza dough recipe (You can find ours HERE.)

2.  Favorite Toppings (Fresh garden tomatoes and Basil are my go to.  Add a little Feta cheese for a kick.)

3.  ...and last but not least Olive Oil.

When your dough is ready and your grill is HOT HOT HOT, about 400* F, form your dough into small flat circles, as seen below.  Before placing the dough on the grill brush the side that will be touching the grill with olive oil.

Let the dough bake with the lid of the grill closed for about 3-5 min.  Before closing the lid, brush the side facing up with olive oil as well.

Once the dough seems firm enough to flip, go for it.  You should have beautiful grill marks on your pizza crust.

Now that one side of your crust has grilled nicely dress that pizza of yours up with your favorite toppings.

 Close the lid of the grill and let the pizza bake for 3-5 more min, or until the cheese is nice and bubbly.

That's it.  My kids LOVE this meal!  In fact, this was their request for their Back to School Feast at the beginning of the school year.  You seriously can't go wrong with this amazing pizza!



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