DIY Stretchy Car Seat Cover

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Have you seen those stretchy car seat covers lately? They are also known as sloughy car seat covers. They also double as a nursing cover!  I'm going to show you exactly how to make one! You can buy them on Etsy if you aren't feeling crafty. Those Etsy car seat covers were my inspiration, so I designed this to share with all my DIY peeps out there. 

Holy cow this wasn't this easiest thing I've ever designed. It took me 4 attempts to get it right, weather it was because of wrong fabric type or measurements too small. But I figured it out and I'm so excited to share this tutorial with all of you! 

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Lets get started on this DIY stretchy car seat tutorial! Watch the video above or follow the step by step directions below.

Gather your supplies. 
Gingher 8-Inch Scissors - these are hands down the BEST fabric scissors, and I've tried quite a few in my day. I also use the smaller Gingher 4 Inch Embroidery Scissors to trim away threads as I go.
Seam Ripper, just in case you need to unpick
Rotary Cutter
Clear Ruler that shows a 45 degree angle
Tape Measure
Sewing Machine - we have used the Project Runway sewing machine for years and have LOVED it!

Buy 1 yard of VERY STRETCHY knit fabric. This is so important if you want this to work! Make sure it stretches in all directions very easily or has a 4 way stretch. It needs to be breathable for baby and fit the carseat with ease. Trust me, you don't want the kind that only stretches in one or two directions. One good thing about knit fabric is that you don't have to hem it - it won't fray!

This is the shape of the first piece we are going to cut out. I will refer to it as "The large, boxy piece."

Lay the fabric out the way it came on the bolt - folded.  Measure 6.5 inches from the fold and mark with a pin at the top of the fabric.

Most sewing rulers have markings of 45 degree angles.  Mark with a pin at the 45 degree angle from the top pin. 

Lay a measuring tape from the top pin down 13 inches and mark with a pin. 

Take your ruler and place it next to the bottom pin like so.

Flip the ruler over.

Now you can measure 45 degrees going down towards the fold of the fabric. Measure 13 inches and mark with a pin. 

You are left with these markings as a cutting guide.

Cut out the fabric following the pin markings. 

You need 2 of these pieces, so place your cut out piece on top of the fabric and cut another.

Cut out 2 rectangle pieces of fabric that measure 36" x 5".  Sandwich them together, right sides together.

(Keep in mind, my fabric is the same on the back as it is on the front) At each end, cut off a triangle piece that's 4" wide at the bottom and goes right up to the top corner. Make sure you cut off triangles at each end.

It will look like this. Sew the ends closed right where you cut off the triangles.

Go back to your two pieces of fabric that look like this. Pin them right sides together. (Again, my fabric doesn't appear to be right sides together, but it is.) Sew along the blue dotted lines.

Pull the large, boxy piece right side out. Keep the long rectangular piece inside out. Pin the long rectangular piece to the bottom of the large, boxy piece. It's very important that you pin it just like I show you in the picture with the side seems matching up, and the points of the long rectangle piece at the bottom.

Sew them together - almost done! Manipulate the fabric a little around the corners.

All Done! 


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  1. Where did you buy your stretchy fabric?

  2. Can you post a picture of it worn as a nursing cover? Will it also serve as a scarf and shopping cart cover like the Covered Goods brand?

    1. That's a great idea. Yes it believe it can be worn as a scarf, but I've never tried that. Let me test that out, and then update the post. Thanks for your comment!

    2. I would also like to know if it can be used as a shopping cart cover and/or scarf. Thanks!

  3. Awesome tutorial! I'm wondering if you used elastic thread, and what stitch you used. I am beyond excited to make this. I have 3 babies on the way (within my family. haha)!

    1. I used regular thread, and you can do a zig zag stitch if you think it needs more stretch. Congratulations on the babies coming!

    2. Thanks so much for responding. I made three of these and they turned out great! Thank you thank you!

  4. I would love to see a photo as a nursing cover, since you have it listed in the title.

  5. The Covered Goods ones dont look like they have a band around the bottom. Do you think this could be eliminated, or is there a reason you made it with this?! Thanks so much!

    1. Hi! The band around the bottom just makes it stay in place a lot better. If you eliminate it, I would suggest you make it longer. Hope this helps.

    2. Yes thank you! How wide is the top opening?

    3. Whoops, actually 25" after you sew it. :)

  6. I am planning on making this cover this week, but would prefer to hem the edges so that the fabric doesn't roll on itself over time. Would adding an inch to the measurements help account for the hemming or just totally ruin the pattern/fit? I'm a novice at sewing and really don't want to ruin it!

  7. I remeasured my pieces but the tube piece is quite a bit smaller around then the bottom of the trapezoid piece. Do I stretch it to fit to sew the two pieces together or do I probably have the pieces the wrong size or something?

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Thanks for posting the pattern!
    I just finished making my first one and plan to make a few more for friends. (I cut a paper pattern so I could just pull it out again when I need it instead of measuring again)
    I first used my overedge foot to sew the seams, then used a tri-zigzag stitch just in a bit. I found this helped maintain the stretch and have a double layer of stitching to keep things together. I think a straight stitch would rip and cause holes. (I suggest you change that in your instructions)
    I also darted the corners at the bottom of the trapezoid when attaching the long circular piece and it gave it a very clean look and fit very nicely over the car seat.
    Can't wait to try it as a nursing cover too!

  10. I have the fabric to make myself one, but before i cut I wanted to ask a bit about the sizing. I am plus size (between 1x and 2x) and want to know if this is TRULY one size fits all , or if i should go ahead and enlarge it. If i were to enlarge it, which measurements would I need to change?


  11. It's 1 yard length but it would helpful to know the width as well, since that can vary!