DIY: No Sew Thanksgiving Burlap Table Runner

3:47 PM

Thanksgiving is fast approaching! This is the first table runner I have ever made or used, and I think it's the begining of many table runner to come. It's so easy to make, incredibly cute, and it fills my home with the Holiday spirit! I adapted this runner from On Sutton Place. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for more fun DIY projects @diydivas2. Here's what I did.

1.5 yards of burlap = 54" long runner
3 yards of ruffle
Hot glue gun

-I cut my burlap table runner 16" wide. That means you have enough burlap left over to make two additional runners, or you could use the extra burlap to make the runner longer - just sew two ends together, right sides together.

-Fray the edges of the burlap along the sides by pulling out strings. I pulled out about 4 long strings on each side.

-I cut 6 pieces of ruffle - 18" long.

-Glue the ruffles onto the burlap in rows, leaving an inch of ruffle hanging over the sides. Fold the extra ruffle over the back and glue down for a clean edge.  Follow the directions here for more information.


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