DIY Teepee out of White Sheets

8:40 PM

Did you know there are infinity ways to spell teepee.  I could have titled this post DIY Teepee, DIY Tipee, or even DIY Tepee.  Alas, I decided to go with my favorite spelling Teepee~

This is an incredibly easy DIY, and of coarse it is cheap cheap cheap.

All you need...

Six 7 ft. wooden poles from the local hardware store
a little bit of twine
a drill
a sewing machine - we love the Brother Project Runway machine if you are in the market!
and some queen sized sheets (we recently up graded to a king after nearly 8 years of marriage, so I had a few white queen sheets laying around.  Walmart also sales them for dirt cheap too.)

So the first thing that I did was stain the wood that I bought from home depot.  I just love this dark stain.

After the stain dried I had my husband drill a hole in each stick about 1.5 ft from the top.  This is where I threaded the twine.  I had him make each hole just barely bigger than the width of the twine so it fit pretty close to perfect.  Make sure the hole is in exactly same spot on each stick.

Here is a little bit of a better pic to see how it was done.  I just imagined that the sticks were kinda like a necklace on a string.  Does that make sense?

I tied it pretty tight at the top so that it would bunch up nicely and stay in place when I spread the sticks apart at the base of the teepee.

Now to explain the fabric part...

Basically you need six big triangle types pieces that are all the same size and sew them together.  Easy as that... right?

You have to check it out for the amazing visuals she uses to describe how to make a teepee.

Mine is a bit different.  In order to put the wooden poles in the fabric, I didn't add tubes to the the already sewn teepee.  I simply made my dimensions bigger when cutting the fabric out...

(you need 6 of these pieces remember)

 I then sewed my 6 pieces together like cottonandcurls explains... 

and then created the tubes by sewing the right sides together along each seam to allow a tube for the poles to slip through. I did use a zig zag stitch when making these tubes for the poles so that it would be extra secure. This worked wonderfully for me.

For my teepee I used 3 flat Queen Sheets.  
This will allow you to make 2 triangle pieces from each sheet, with a total of 6 triangle pieces in the end.

One of the triangle pieces will be cut in half down the middle so that it can open up for the door.

It has been a wonderful little addition to my kids' make believe fun.

 Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration!


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