DIY: Little Girl Lace Mummy Halloween Costume

6:59 PM

 Boo! This cute little mummy is after you!
This simple and easy DIY mummy costume will make you wonder if you should say awe or ahhhh

I made this costume in just 15 minutes. She is wearing white leggings, a white shirt, and white socks. I tied white lace, strips of white muslin, and strips of an old white lacy curtain around her body, neck, and hair. I painted her face white, put dark purple eye shadow around her eyes, and added mascara. All done!

Happy Halloween! {Almost}

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  1. Halloween is coming soon and I'm tinking of a new costume for my little girl, I guess I'll make her a lace mummy Halloween costume. Perfect timing since I will be visiting a Haberdashery shop this weekend.