DIY: Extra Closet Storage

3:26 PM

I got pretty tired of Clara's princess dresses being all over her room and the playroom.  We had a little storage basket for them, but man, they seemed to always come out extra wrinkled and it really wasn't the best way to keep them contained.

Finally, I came up with a solution that I want to share with the world...  becuase it is awesome, cheap and, did I mention, just plain awesome!

With a grand total of $8 my daughter's closet went through this transformation...

All you need is a sturdy little shower cutain rod and you automatically have extra storage in your closet.  It's as easy as that!

Clara loves that she can easily reach her princess dresses whenever the itch to dress up comes on, aka ALAWAYS.

  I love that I can close the closet door and contain it all in an organized fashion.

Happy mommy, happy daughter....  Perfection!


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