DIY: Giant Yard Twister Game with SHAVING CREAM

11:04 AM

All you need for this amazing giant twister game is, a little patience and..

A huge tarp

Some tape to find even spaces for your soon-to-be painted circles...
(I literally just taped on the folded crease marks on the tarp that were already there.  Easy Peasey!  The tape just allowed me to see things a little better.)

A large circle bowl to trace...

Four colors of paint...
We decided to be a little untraditional in our twister color choices.

Now just paint those circles in..

Take the tape off and, voila!

Instead of a twister spinner I made dice out of UPS cube boxes.
This made the game a little more exciting!

You need a color box, a hand/foot box and a right/left box.

To top things off we decided to add a little shaving cream to the each circle on the tarp before the game was started.

The results were priceless!


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  1. Hi, this is an awesome idea. How long did it take for the paint to dry? Would you mind sharing how many shaving cream cans you used? Was it difficult to wipe off? Thanks!!