DIY: How to Hang the Flag this Fourth of July

3:00 PM

This is sort of a Christmas in July trick...

Go dig through your Christmas boxes and find those "all-purpose light clips" that hang your lights so beautifully at Christmas time.

Then simply sting some twine or thread or yarn, or basically whatever you have handy, through your flag and clip Old Glory up with the light hooks, and let her fly.

...and here is a helpful tip given by the Chicago Tribune!
 How to Display the Flag, Source: Chicago Tribune

The kiddos wanted to get in on the picture taking fun...  Also, I got those chairs from a local thrift store! SCORE!

Happy Fourth of July from my house to yours!  How blessed we are to live in this beautiful Free country.  I am so grateful for all those who have protected our nation and fought for this land that I love!


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