DIY: The Cure for Cold Sores

3:17 PM

I want to share a little secret with you...  An incredible wonderful secret that will change your life forever!  I know the cure for cold sores, chapped lips, and basically any other ailment with the lips.  Actually,  I even use this secret ingredient to kill zits and help heal scrapes and cuts.

All you need is a little dab of this secret ointment.  Smooth it directly on your cold sore, or chapped lips, or any sore for that matter, and you will be amazed with the results.  My sweet mother use to get horrible cold sores all the time.  By simply applying this ointment to her lips each night she has been able to completely rid herself of cold sores once and for all!  This is tried and true!

Where can you get this secret ointment?  What is it called?

This incredible secret ointment can be found at your local Cal Ranch or other farming/ranch store.  It is called Corona.  It is typically used to help sooth the udders of a cow, but it works wonderfully as a multi-purpose ointment that seems to heal just about anything.

You're Welcome!  Happy Healing!


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