DIY Pottery Barn Linen Knot Bolster Pillow Cover

9:55 AM

I wanted these pillow covers from Pottery Barn really bad, but I didn't want to pay that price for them. So, I made some for waaaay cheap.

I bought some white muslin (some of the cheapest fabric around) and I got 40% off with a Joanns coupon. I also picked up these interesting pillows for a few bucks in the clearance section.

-Measure the length of your pillow and add 30". Mine was 24" long so I needed 54 " of muslin. Measure around the pillow. Mine was 22" around, and add 1" for seam allowance. So I needed a rectangle piece of fabric 54" x 23". 

-On the short end, or the 23" length end, fold it over 1/2" twice for a nice clean hem. Iron flat.


Fold it over, hot dog style, right sides together, and sew down the side.

Stuff it with the pillow.

Tie off the ends.

Throw them on a bed.


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