DIY: Diaper Wrap

2:32 PM

Once upon a time, I felt like my purse was filled with scattered diapers and then somewhere beneath it all was my case of wipes.  Feeling frustrated with the clutter, I decided it was time to design something simple and easy to keep the diapers with the wipes so my purse didn't feel like an explosion went off inside it.

And so, I can up with this wipes and diapers organizer. It's simple and it works to keep things together. Not to mention, pretty cute.

What you need:
Fabric of Choice
Needle and Thread
3/4" Elastic
Sewing Machine
Measuring Tape

Cut these:
Bow - 10" x 5" of fabric, 9.5" x 2" of felt
Strap - 14" x 3" of fabric, 12" x 1" of felt (you can adjust this and lengthen it if you pack around more wipes or diapers than I do.)
Knot - 2" x 3" of fabric
Elastic - 12"

Bow piece: Basically this is a DIY Bow tutorial right here. Fold it in half, right sides together, hot dog style, and sew down the side.

Pull it right side out.

Insert the Bow Felt.
Bring the two ends together evenly and sew down the center.

Squish it together like so. Pinch down in the middle and then pinch up on the sides.

Hold it in place with some pins.

Strap - Sew it just like the bow, right sides together, hot dog style, and then pull it right sides out. Pin together the strap felt and elastic. Insert the elastic and felt into the strap leading with the pin.

 Knot - Sew it the same as the bow, right sides together, hot dog style, and pull it right side out.

You should have pieces that look like this now.

Layer the knot piece on the bottom, then the bow, and then the strap. Wrap the knot piece around all the other pieces like this and pin in place.

Hand stitch the Knot piece together.

On one end of the strap, bunch the fabric back a bit so you can see the elastic just barley. Pin it to keep it in place.

 On the other side of the strap, keep the elastic hidden about 1/2" from the opening of the fabric, or in other words, there should be about 1/2" of extra fabric over the elastic.

 Fold over the extra fabric (about 1/2") and sew into place for a clean looking edge.

Sew the two ends together with the finished edge end on top. Make sure you are sewing the elastics on each end together.

Put it around your wipes and diapers. Now enjoy a more organized diaper bag! And yell catch to your hubby as you toss it to him.


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