Love Bug Hats for Valentines Day

1:01 PM

Valentines Day isn't a holiday I usually put a lot of effort into, but I still want my kids to feel excited about it and share the love. Making these hats was easy and made my kids get all hyped up for the big day. I went to Walmart and bought a few stickers and some red pipe cleaners. I printed off the words "Love Bug" on paper and cut it into strips to make a headband for the kiddos. The kids got to decorate the hats however they wanted and they got to make some for their friends - adorable and fun! The best part about this was that my kids could make most of it all on their own, and that's a winning Valentines kid craft! 


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  1. How cute! I was looking for a cute Valentine's activity. I'll have to try these on my kiddos. Your kids make me laugh! They're just so cute!

  2. What font did you use for the text? :)

  3. I shared you neat-o lovebug hat idea here:

    Love it! :)