DIY Potty Present (Perfect for Potty Training)

4:00 PM

Let's be completely honest here, potty training is the worst!  Now that my youngest is showing signs of interest in the potty, I am bracing myself.  I have found that the more fun and exciting you make potty training, the better the child responds.  And for that reason, I will begin the potty training adventure with a "Potty Present"in hopes that a spark of excitement will ignite a passion for going potty.  Translation: I am so done changing the diapers of my oh-so-darling two year old.

Please feel free to pray for me!  Please and thank you!

Here is the gift I am giving...

Drink Boxes (to get things going)
Skittles (reward)
Princess Undies
Princess Stickers (reward)

Potty Chart:  Free Printable found HERE. She has a boy and a girl version on her site.


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  1. That's a cute idea! The people I nanny for have one who is already potty trained, but she won't poop in the potty (she's 4), and they've been having a heck of a time with it. Maybe something like this might be a little more incentive for her. And if not her, her little brother is starting to show interest in potty training...