DIY: Birthday Banner

2:09 PM

Two of my kids have birthday's pretty much back to back, so I wanted to make each one feel special, especially the second child because the house is already decorated. So I decided to make personalized birthday banners for them so they each feel important on their special day. I can also reuse these for years to come so it makes decorating for their birthday's easy. (Another thing we do to make them feel special is decorate their chair and hang personalized balloons from it.)

Make the Triangle: Choose some designer paper size 12" x 12".

Fold it over like so.

The triangle will measure 17" from end to end. Mark it at 12" and 5".

Use your ruler as a guide and draw a line from the mark to the opposite corner.

Cut on the line.

Cut on the fold and you have two triangles.

 Make the Letters: If you don't have to have a Cricut Machine, that's ok. Here is how to cut out letters without a Cricut Machine.You don't need to print each letter of happy birthday because you can use some letters twice. Find a font you love and print it out big; I used font size 288.  Print onto card stock for durability.

Cut out the letters.

Trace the letters onto a contrasting color of paper.

Use an xacto knife to cut them out.

Paste the letter to the triangle. It would be a great idea to laminate this to keep it strong for years to come.

Hole punch next to the top two corners.

String through with some twine.

Hang with pride!


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