10 DIY Christmas Projects

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Expressions Vinyl loves the holidays! Not just the Holidays but the fun of creating crafts and decorating but most of all being surrounded by friends and family. We wanted to share some of our favorite DIY Christmas Projects to help inspire your creativity.

There is something to be said about the feeling I get when I walk into a home during the holidays that has been decorated. The smell of cinnamon and other spices or the fresh smell of pine from the Christmas tree always make me feel at home. Yet those smells don’t make it all by themselves, it’s the complete package of the lights, smells, and Christmas decorations that bring it all together. So we wanted to share with you these 10 DIY Christmas Projects.

1.      Christmas Blocks
Simple wood blocks that have a letter on each one that spells out your favorite holiday phrase.

2.      Santa Cookie Plate
You can’t leave Santa hungry and he needs those cookies to help him through the best night of the year.

3.     Keep Calm and Let It Snow
We know that you have the original Keep Calm And Carry On saying up on the wall.  Just to change things up, replace it with this Keep Calm And Let It Snow for the holiday season.

4.     Snowman Fridge
Why not have a little fun in the kitchen with a big refrigerator snowman. The kids will love it!

5.     Glass Block Nativity
Light up the mantle with what the Christmas season is all about with a beautiful and easy glass block Nativity display.

6.     Christmas Phrases or Coasters
Personally I love this one because I am able to use all my favorite Christmas movie sayings. Hang these on the wall, place them on the mantle, or use them as fun drink coasters.

7.     Gift Décor
Why buy the expensive seasonal containers that will just get tossed out till next year when you can create your own gift décor.

8.     Christmas Mirror
Pottery Barn alert! Do you have an old picture frame or mirror? If not you may find one at your local thrift store to create this Pottery Barn duplicate.

9.     Christmas Ornaments
Keep up with the tradition of making your Christmas ornaments just like grandma use to. Create beautiful and elegant ornaments that you know she would love and be proud of.

10.  Merry Grinchmas
Here’s to all those who either love the Grinch or hate Christmas, haha. Spread some of that Holiday Grinchmas cheer in your corner of the world, or cave.

Well that sums up our top 10 Christmas ideas with Expressions Vinyl.  For any of your vinyl needs don’t forget to visit our website on all the great holiday specials and sales. We wish you a great holiday season and to all those winter lovers, “Let It Snow”.

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