Make New Concrete Match Old Concrete

9:20 AM

How to make existing concrete match new concrete.

Our front steps used to look like this, and everyone who ever used them felt drunk every time they walked up and down them. (We bought a foreclosed home, so please forgive the obnoxious weeds.)

We decided to expand them and discovered a way to make the old concrete match the new concrete. It's called Concrete Resurfacer. You can buy it at Home Depot, Lowes, and even Amazon. Now you can do any concrete project and make it match your existing concrete! My driveway might be next on the list since it's really worn out.

Hubs got right to work and removed all unwanted dirt and grass.

Then he poured the new steps.

Just a little unsightly at this point.

 Then he just smoothed over the concrete resurfacer and there you have it! A nice consistent concrete color and beautiful, wide steps.


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