DIY Deer Costume

2:35 PM

Here is a great last minute costume idea; diy deer costume for a little girl. When I say last minute, that's literally what I mean. My girls were going to be rainbow dash and pinkie pie for our Halloween party last weekend, but when I attempted to spray paint their hair, it turned into a disaster and lots of tears were shed. My 5 yr old was bawling because she got a drop of colored hair spray in her mouth and she thought she was going to pee rainbow. No child, as funny as that is, I don't think it's true. Then, my 2 yr old's scalp had a bad reaction to it, so I wasn't the happiest mommy at the moment. I turned to Pinterest and saw this cute photo which was the inspiration for my girl's last minute costumes.

For the makeup, I used a light shimmer cream around the eyes and down the nose. Then, I used my bronzer and laid it on a little thick on the cheek bones and around the rest of the face. I used white face paint and applied it to the cheeks with a q-tip. Then I applied eyeliner, brown eye shadow, mascara, and false lashes. Use dark brown eye shadow for the tip of the nose. Top it off with some shimmery nude lipstick and a headband with twigs from the backyard. All Done!

Wear brown clothes from head to toe unless you happen to have a deer shirt like my little girl did. Add a couple of manly hunters and you have a cute last minute family costume idea.


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