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Anyone who owns a dog can relate to coming home to a warm greeting at the end of the day. Meet Scout, our large German Shepherd who doesn't know she's large. Always free with her kisses and cuddles, Scout is hands down the best dog we have ever owned. She has a very sweet and loving personality and this dog deserves the best when it comes to her diet.


Scout is sweet and loving to her masters, but not to the poor birds and rabbits that find their way into our backyard.  Like all dogs, she enjoys eating fresh meat. Although I can't keep her from wanting to hunt prey, I can give her some fresh dog food from ALPO. Lets get Scout some dog food that will satisfy her innate canine needs! 


Check out this cute video from ALPO'S HOMEPAGE. Something about talking dogs can always put a smile on my face.



I just can't wait for Scout to try ALPO'S wet dog food. It's nutritious and made with quality ingredients which make for one happy, healthy dog. Stay tuned to see if Scout likes her new dog food. Also check out ALPO’s Facebook Page for more great info.





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  1. A good dog food does not contain any elements that will have a negative effect on our dog's health. But I cannot trust commercialized dog food to be completely free from chemicals because it will always be present when the ingredients are processed on their plantations. What I trust is home made dog food. Because you live with your dogs,you'll know what they want and what they need and the only way to respond to their specific needs is by giving it to them by cooking their food. You can add specific ingredients that can target their specific needs. You will also spare your dogs from harmful chemicals and additives that can cause sickness and weakens our dogs.