DIY Teepee

11:11 AM

My engineer hubby and I figured out a simple way to make a teepee. It was crunch time on my daughters "birthday eve" so I decided to make a no sew teepee. What a huge hit this gift was for only about $12 to make! I'll teach you how to make this easy DIY teepee so your kids too can have hours and hours of playtime.

 Supplies List:
6 10' length PVC pipes
1 Thrifted Queen Size Duvet
A long strip of scrap fabric or old scarf
Scissors ( these are hands down our favorite sewing scissors!)
Blanket (optional)

Cut each PVC pipe down to 8' lengths. In groups of two, tie each PVC pipe together at the top and stretch the base out so they are 72" apart. Add two more pipes, tie at the top and stretch the base of the pipes out so there is a 72" diameter. Repeat one last time until all 6 pipes are tied at the top and the diameter is 72". The chord length (or space between each pipe if you rapped a cord around the teepee) is 36". It doesn't have to be perfect, you can eyeball it. 

 Cut the sides of the inexpensive thrifted duvet open so that it is a very long rectangle. (You can sew the edge that you just cut for a "finished" look) Now, one end of the duvet should have buttons and the other end should have button holes. Start with the end that has buttons and wrap it around the pipe. Cut a small slit in the duvet so you can button it onto the pole. You could sew on button holes for long term durability rather than just cutting slits for the buttons to go into.

 Wrap the duvet around the teepee frame and tie the other end of the duvet on the last PVC pipe. Use the button holes and tie the duvet to the pole with twine.

Tuck the bottom of the duvet under each pole.

Gather the extra fabric up at the top and tie it up onto the top of the pole. We had 3 sections of gathered fabric.

Hide your work with a strip of extra scrap fabric. This was an old sheet I cut up and tied at the top.

 Play Play Play!!!


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  1. That is a great gift. Pretty impressed with the cute fabric you found. Our little thrift store would only have awful floral stuff from the 80s...

  2. What did you use to cut the pvc pipes? TIA