DIY: Refinish Just a Table Top and Bench Top

11:19 AM

We picked up a used table a few months ago that desperately needed a little restoration. We like the worn look so we decided to just refinish the top of the table, which was just a little too worn.

Here is the before. We bought a bench from Smith's Market Place and decided to refinish it to match the table top. Meg did the same thing to her table. Here are her detailed instructions

Someone please tell me why some table tops have these gaps! They are so hard to clean out and they get dirty so fast. We filled in our gap with wood filler (you will see).

First we applied stripping gel. Follow the directions on the container.

We scraped it off when it was ready, sanded it, and wiped it clean.

Then we filled in the gap with wood filler, stained it,  and added 3 coats of polyurethane. Follow the directions on the cans. All done! The table top and bench are slightly different colors because they are made from different types of wood, but I'm happy with the results!

This is how the gap with wood filler turned out. No more food getting stuck in the gap!


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