DIY: No Sew Striped Curtains with Rope Tiebacks

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DIY Easy Striped Curtains with Rope Tiebacks

I made these easy striped curtains for my little boy's room.  This no sew project was a piece of cake.  Yes... I did say NO SEW!!!

My son is obsessed with all things blue.  I am obsessed with horizontal stripes.  Here is a result our obsessions combined, and a tutorial to create them yourself. 

DIY No Sew Striped Curtains

Let's start with these simple striped curtains.

You will need:

White Curtains

Heat n Bond

Ribbon (any width your heart desires.  I chose 2.5 inches wide)

A measuring tape

A Hot Iron

I got my white curtains at Ikea for cheap cheap cheap.  They were very long, about 96 inch.  I just did a little math and figured out that spacing my ribbon stripes 9 inches apart looked great.

This measurement will vary depending on the width of your ribbon, the length of your curtains, and on how you want your curtains to look visually.

Follow the directions of the heat and bond and iron on the ribbon just like so...  (the heat n bond is just underneath the ribbon, sandwiched between the ribbon and curtain.)

iron on striped curtains

Umm.. How easy is that?! AMAZINGLY easy, and if you ever get sick of the stripes you can just peal it off without damaging the original curtains!

Now for the tiebacks... my favorite part.  Head to Home Depot, or any hardware store for thick natural looking rope.  I had them cut 4 pieces, each measuring 2 feet long.  It was about $.67 a foot!!  They wrapped electrical tape around each end so that it wouldn't come unraveled on my drive home.  This came in very handy.

You will need:



hot glue

Use the electrical tape to keep the twin in place.  Make a little loop.  A "hanging loop" if you will...

Now just hot glue the crap out of the twine to cover up the tape.  This makes it looked fantastically finished.


Here is how I hung them...

That's it!  Soon...someday... I will have to post pictures of his whole room, but for now enjoy his window.

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  1. Such a simple thing to do, but one that makes a huge impact! Love the way it looks!

  2. Okay- using twine to cover the electrical tape, which keeps the rope from fraying is pure genius! it looks amazingly finished and perfect for the look you were going for. The navy stripes are perfect- I love the clean lines they give. So glad you participated in POV this month!

  3. Love these. The rope is so cute. I'm going to have to do this somewhere in my house now. LOVE!