Prevent the Baby Blues Naturally

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I never thought I would be one of those people to suffer with "Baby Blues", but I found myself struggling with it after having my second child. Let me tell you, it was pure torture! I remember feeling disconnected with my baby, numb, and I had horrible thoughts running through my head. The worst part is that I was embarrassed about it and so I didn't tell anyone until it was over. My mom would ask, "Are you doing okay?" and I would just reply "Yes, I'm fine" and put on a smile. Somehow I fought through it on my own and became "normal" again over time. When I finally told people what went on, they couldn't believe it. I swore I would never go down that road again. If I had problems with the next baby I would talk about it with someone and I understood that it is completely normal to experience baby blues and it's ok to get help.

Well, I got pregnant with my third baby and I started to wonder if I would experience the baby blues again once he was born. My mother-in-law came into town right after I had the baby and she brought with her some amazing essential oils. I of course was skeptical since I didn't use them regularly and I hadn't personally seen them perform any sort of miracle. But I thought it would be good to start using them in hopes of preventing the baby blues and maybe I wouldn't have to go through what I went through last time. Or maybe I wouldn't have to get on medication, which I was very prepared to do this time around. We began diffusing the oil HeartSong, from a small company in Idaho called Butterfly Expressions (see how I diffused the oils with my candle warmer HERE). Let me tell you, I have not experienced the baby blues this time around. Sure I've been a little off my game because of sleep deprivation, but no depression, no disconnect with my baby, and no horrid thoughts racing through my mind. Here is a list of what I used... everyone's need's are different so just make sure your body needs these oils. My mother-in-law did a muscle test for me and these are what I needed.

Heart Song: I just diffused this oil in my kitchen since that is where I spend most of my time. This oil also makes the house smell good and your family happy. This is an anti-depression blend and is used for the treatment of grief and mild depression. It also helps stabilizes mood swings and helps get you through the day.

Baby Me: This oil allows you to give and receive love, it also brings a sense of calmness and helps mothers bond with their baby. This oil is also great for your skins elasticity, it retards wrinkles, and enhances skin tone. The way I used this oil was by mixing it into a homemade body scrub. Every time I get into the shower I rub it all over my body after washing and I simply let it rinse off and then I pat dry.

Body Scrub
1/2 C white sugar
1/2 C brown sugar
1/2 EV Olive Oil
5-7 drops of Baby Me Essential Oil

Deliverance:  We used this oil to keep everyone healthy with a newborn around. My baby was born in the middle of winter so this is a very special oil to me and came in very handy. We diffused this oil and we rubbed it on our feet along with a carrier oil (coconut oil). My 2 year old came down with a fever, so I rubbed this on her feet and put her down for a nap. When she woke up she was completely fine.

Fish Oil: Studies show that consuming fish oil during pregnancy and after childbirth help immensely in preventing the baby blues. I love my fish oil!

*This is what has worked for me this time around. If you try this and are still feeling the baby blues, call your doctor and ask for help. Just know that it's okay to get help. Don't be embarrassed, this baby blue stuff happens to a whole lot of women. I just hope I can help someone the way that my mother-in-law helped me.


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  1. I hadn't heard of this company! My husband and I will be trying for our first baby within a year or two! So this will be a great way to calm myself down during pregnancy and post pregnancy!
    I have been using lavender essential oils for a week for my mood disorder and it has been doing WONDERS!
    Thanks for the info and the helpful links!

  2. Hi, Stephanie! I never knew there can be such a problem like baby Blues.
    I'm glad that you overcame this and now enjoying being a mum :) Thanks for sharing this info, though I don't have children yet, it is very useful for future :)