DIY: Advent Calendar/Christmas Countdown

2:39 PM

Meet Charlie our cute little Elf.  Last night was the first time that I introduced our new friend from the North Pole to my three year old.  My little boy is fascinated with Charlie.  He was completely shocked and amazed at how this little elf could decorate a little Christmas tree with lights and all.

Not only did Charlie light up this child sized tree, but he also managed to find time to create an advent calendar full fun ideas for the family to do together this month, with an ornament to add to the tree each day.

Here is what it looks like and some fun ideas that you could do with your family as well.

A little magnetic board works great for this advent calendar.

 Just tie an ornament, number, and tag together

Add and activity and a magnet to the back.

I found the cute tags HERE and HERE... (Thank you Pinterest!!!!!!)

And Here is a list of fun Activities:

Dec. 1st
Let’s bundle up and visit the Lights at Temple Square as a family.  You get to ride a train.

Dec. 2nd
Tonight we will take out the nativity and talk about the true meaning of Christmas.

Dec. 3rd
It’s time we write a letter to Santa Clause and send it to the North Pole.

Dec. 4th
It’s time to sing some Christmas Carols and drink Apple Cider.

Dec. 5th
Let’s go Christmas shopping and get presents for our family.

Dec. 6th
Tonight we get to watch the movie, Frosty the Snowman.

Dec. 7th
Let’s read a Christmas book tonight.

Dec. 8th
Open this puzzle and we will put it together as a family.

Dec. 9th
Today let’s make Grinch cookies and watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Dec. 10th
Let’s practice singing jingle bells with real jingle bells.

Dec. 11th
Let’s facetime daddy and sing him a Christmas song.

Dec. 12th
With mommy and daddy’s help we will make a gingerbread house.

Dec. 13th
It’s time to make Muddy Buddies and give them to our buddies.

December 14th
Put on your pajamas. Let’s drive around and look at neighborhood lights.

December 15th
Let’s go to Grandma Christmas Party

December 16th
Let’s take a family picture and send our family and friends.

December 17th
Let’s surprise daddy for a special Christmas lunch.

December 18th
Today we will practice singing Jingle Bells, and do a surprise performance for Mima and Papa.

December 19th
Let’s read a Christmas book as a family.

December 20th
It’s time to make Christmas Cookies

December 21st
Let’s give cookies to our neighborhood friends. It will make us feel happy.

December 22nd
I can’t wait to Watch, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer as a Family tonight.

December 23rd
Santa and his reindeer are coming soon. Let’s make Reindeer food to get ready for Santa’s flying friends.

December 24th
 Get your swimming suit on and get ready to go swimming. We are going to get all our wiggles out before Santa Clause comes tonight.
When we get home we get to read two special stories.
**Luke 2: 1-20 to remind us about the true meaning of Christmas and, The Night Before Christmas to get us ready for Santa.

Wow those elves sure know how to get a lot done in one night!  Pretty dang impressive if you ask me!

Merry Christmas!


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  1. I like it!

    We made this.

  2. @ rebe - That is wonderful!! Have a Merry Christmas!